Trinity Consultants, Inc. (“Trinity”), a portfolio company of Levine Leichtman Capital Partners (“LLCP”), announced today that it has acquired Vision Environment Australia Pty Ltd (“Vision Environment”). Vision Environment, based in Queensland, Australia, is a leading provider of water quality monitoring services to clients involved in commercial dredging and other industrial activities that impact the marine environment.

Trinity is a leading provider of regulatory-driven environmental, health & safety and engineering consulting services. Trinity specializes in highly technical, compliance-driven services with a core presence in air quality and an expanding presence in adjacencies such as commissioning, qualification and validation, process safety management, toxicology and water quality. Trinity operates from over 70 offices worldwide, with a national U.S. footprint and a presence in key international markets. Trinity was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Jay Hofmann, President and CEO of Trinity, commented, “We are pleased to bring Vision Environment onto the Trinity platform as we expand our environmental consulting service offerings. The acquisition bolsters Trinity’s expertise in water quality monitoring and further expands our geographic presence in the Australian market.”

Andrew Schwartz, a Partner at LLCP, stated, “We are excited to demonstrate our continued support of Trinity through this acquisition. Vision Environment strengthens Trinity’s ability to provide regulatory and compliance support to its clients across the globe.”

Trinity is a portfolio company of Levine Leichtman Capital Partners Fund V, L.P.